Massage and Astrology Warwick NY and Worldwide

 If you’re craving wild expansion, energy, and freedom in your body...

If you’re ready to get cozy with the prismatic, one-of-a-kind entity that is your soul…

If you want to tap into both physical wisdom and cosmic guidance to raise your vibration and achieve radiant health…

...We can create some magic together. Come and get it. 

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Astrology is a gateway to knowing yourself. Massage is a way of loving yourself. Put the two together, and you’re in for some big-time healing and self-empowerment.

This unique session will bring both your body and soul into alignment—”enlightening” and “life-changing” are just a few of the words clients have used to describe it. 

First, we’ll spend an hour reading your natal chart to learn who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going. Then, you’ll get a 90-minute massage inspired by your personal planetary blueprint.

Do we need to strengthen your throat chakra? Cleanse your aura post-Saturn return? Perhaps you need a little more fire energy to get you going? I’ll intuitively meld massage techniques—including deep tissue, Ashiatsu, Thai massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, cranial work, and hot stones—with healing modalities such as aromatherapy, mantras, Reiki, and crystals. 

You’ll leave with a whole new level of self-awareness (and a lot more sparkle in your step).

*Prior to the session, you will need to provide date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth

+ 2.5 hours at Warwick, NY studio

+ $333

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Your natal chart is a picture of the sky taken at the moment you were born. It contains all sorts of juicy intel about your personality, purpose, and path in life.

In this session, we’ll explore your personal planetary blueprint, which is as unique as a snowflake. We’ll dive deep into your sun, moon, and rising signs, and we’ll also look at how other celestial bodies—and the elements they’re associated with—influence your life. We’ll wrap up our session with a 20 minute distance Reiki session to recalibrate your energy and integrate what you just learned.

At the end of the reading, you’ll come away knowing how to use the cosmic energy within you to live your best life. (And a copy of your natal chart to reference whenever!)

*Prior to the session, you will need to provide date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth

+ 80 Minutes via Zoom/Phone

+ $222



Soul Snapshot Mini-Reading: Ebook

Everyone loves to read about themselves, right? This playful, written run-down of a person’s sun, moon, and rising sign gives uncanny insight into their core essence, public persona, and innermost self. It’s a great gift for someone you love—or for yourself. Touch base with me via email to get started!

*Prior to the session, you will need to provide date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth

+ PDF delivered via email

+ $111

Soul Snapshot Mini-Reading: LIVE

Sprinkle some stardust on your event or retreat with my 10-15 minute astrology readings. In these rapid-fire sessions, I’ll interpret your guests’ sun, moon, and rising signs or look at their north and south nodes for clues about their soul’s mission. Touch base with me via email to get started! 

+ Final price based on travel & customization

+ Basic readings $222/hour

+ Booked in one-hour blocks

Massage Warwick NY




Creating space and stillness in your body doesn’t just feel good—it’s also a game-changer if you want to hear messages from your highest self. At my studio in Warwick, NY, I integrate 20 years of experience to open your energetic pathways and elevate you to another level. 

My signature deep-tissue treatment uses a barefoot massage technique, allowing me to apply pressure using the weight of my body. (More on that below.) I also love to melt in some Thai stretches, Reiki energy, reflexology, Swedish strokes, hot stones, and crystals specific to your needs. I make my own massage cream and customize an essential oil blend specific to each guest.  

This massage is ultra-healing for your entire being, but guests have found it specifically amazing for the back, the neck—and, of course, the soul.

+ 1 hour at Warwick, NY studio - $105

+ 1.5 hours at Warwick, NY studio - $130

+ 2 hours at Warwick, NY studio - $180


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What is Ashiatsu? Ashiatsu is an Asian massage technique that provides up to three times more pressure than massages given with the hands. I always tell people it’s the smoothest and least painful deep-tissue massage they’ll ever get.

How does it work? After cream is applied to the body, the therapist uses their feet to massage the client using a protocol of strokes.

What health issues can Ashiatsu help me with? Chronic neck and back pain, scoliosis, bulging/herniated discs, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease.

Does it hurt? Not at all. This technique makes it easy for the therapist to take pressure off for clients who like lighter work. This is your massage and your time to relax, so don’t be afraid to tell your therapist what you want!

Is it for everyone? No, but I won't lie: Most people who receive it come back for more. This work tends to be for the person that prefers deeper pressure without pain, or for the client who has back or neck pain.

Ashiatsu Massage Warwick NY